Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply for licensure?

This information can be found on our website under "Forms".

    How long does it take to become licensed?

    If we have received a completed application with completed fingerprint cards along with the requested supporting documents the process can take approximately three (3) months in order to process the background checks. The process can take longer than three months if the fingerprints submitted are unreadable, your application warrants additional screening for past disciplinary actions, or if your background check is returned with a positive result.

      Is there a way to expedite the licensure process?

      You can opt to have your fingerprints digitally scanned in Nevada. The Dept. of Public Safety does not currently accept digital scans from other States.

        Where can I have my fingerprints taken or scanned in Nevada?

        Here is a link which lists fingerprinting sites in Nevada the offices that conduct digital scans will say, "Currently submitting electronically to DPS"

          Does Nevada require new applicants to take a State test for licensure?

          Nevada accepts the American Podiatric Medical licensing Examination Part III formerly known as the PM Lexis III in lieu of a State test.

            How do I file a complaint against a licensee?

            Information on filing a complaint can be found on our website under "Forms".

              How do I check on a podiatrist?

              Click here to view licensees.

                How do I verify a license?

                Click here to verify a license.

                  How do I find out about renewing my license?

                  Click here to view the license information page of this site.

                    How do I find out about CME requirements?

                    A licensed Nevada podiatrist is required to obtain 50 CMEs every 2 years and keep documentation in their office. The current date is November 1, 2012 to October 31, 2014. Your credits must be obtained in this time period to apply towards your renewal.

                      Is hyperbaric therapy within the scope of practice for podiatrists in Nevada?

                      Is there a fee to obtain copies of records?

                      Yes, the cost for copies is listed on the Board's Fee Policy for Copies.

                        How does the Board define "leg" as it relates to NRS 635.085?

                        At the November 7, 2011 Board Meeting the Board defined "leg" as from the hip down. This definition applies to NRS 635.085.