Are you interested in serving as a Member of the Nevada State Board of Podiatry?

If you are a licensed Podiatric Physician and interested in applying for a position as a Member of the Nevada State Board of Podiatry you will need to complete an application that will be submitted to the Governor’s office for consideration. Below is some helpful information regarding the Board Member positions.

Board Member Position Summary

The Nevada State Board of Podiatry, the regulatory body governing Podiatrists and Podiatry Hygienists is comprised of five members appointed by the Governor.

    NRS 635.020 provides that the Governor shall appoint to the Board five (5) members with the following requirements:

      (a) Three members who are licensed podiatric physicians in the State of Nevada. 

      (b) One member who represents the interests of persons or agencies that regularly provide health care to patients who are indigent, uninsured or unable to afford health care. This member may be licensed under the provisions of this chapter.

      (c) One member who is a representative of the general public. This member must not be:     
      1. A licensed podiatric physician in the state of Nevada; or
      2. The spouse or the parent or child, by blood, marriage or adoption of a licensed podiatric physician in the State of Nevada. 

        Board Members are compensated for their time while engaged in the business of the Board at a rate of $150 per day; and a per diem allowance and travel expenses at a rate fixed by the Board.

          Board Information and Material

          Board Meetings (Attendance Required)

          • The Board conducts four to six Board meetings throughout the calendar year.
          • The meetings are generally held telephonically on the first Monday of the month at 5:30 pm. Occasionally the Board meets in person. 
          • The meetings generally last about an hour

            Board Preparation & Participation

            • Board meeting preparation usually takes approximately one or two hours to review the material for upcoming board meetings.
            • Investigating Board member in disciplinary matters.
            • Officer Positions (President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer) require more involvement.

              Job Duties of a Board Member

              The overall job duties of a Board Member require oversight of the Board’s function in the following areas:

              • Disciplinary/Enforcement
              • Finances
              • Licensure
              • Administration
              • Legislation 

                Please do not hesitate to contact the Board office if you would like additional information regarding the Board Member positions.